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Main force for our company

Electronic Functional Materials Business Unit

Conductive Functional Materials Business Unit


Only one functional film realized by continuous processing by Roll to Roll.


Various metal plating processes based on extensive experience.

Wire drawing

Wire drawing technology with the highest production capacity in Japan.

Three proces
sing technologies

FCM Pride

We are proud of our industry-leading product development, analysis and analysis capabilities, and processing technology.

Images with circles of product development, analytical analysis capabilities, and processing technology

Our company name is "Fine Chemical & Materials".
By making full use of precision chemistry and fine material processing, We are a development-type company that creates and proposes new elemental technologies.

We believe that our social contribution comes from a thorough customer orientation.
The spirit of challenge to sincerely assess the essence of manufacturing is the source of our market response capabilities.

What should not be changed in the field of electronics that is evolving in the face of a new century, We are trying to create a system that distinguishes what needs to be innovated every day and can respond quickly and supplely to the market at all times. This is because we confirm that this is a shortcut that leads to the true needs of our customers.

FCM wants to be a change-ready company expected of its customers at all times. That is the basis of FCM's goal of manufacturing, which emphasizes function creation.