Japan's highest production capacity and technologi
cal development capabilities

FCM is engaged in efficient business in terms of material narrowing, manufacturing and sales. In particular, we have become one of the leading manufacturers in Japan, thoroughly committed to the specialized field of wire drawing. With a monthly production capacity of up to 4,500 tons, the company achieves differentiation due to its high quality, mobility, and fine-grained response. We are actively expanding our business domain by utilizing wire drawing technology, and are steadily increasing our market share in various demand areas.

Type of wire drawing

General-purpose copper wire

We have two compact coil equipment for stable supply.
Taking advantage of capital investment and wire drawing technology cultivated over many years, We have received high evaluation with a thorough follow-up system, such as uniform quality and prompt delivery time response.

Deformed lines

In the past, our flat copper wire was mainly used for transformers and motors. Deformed into fan conductors and interlock shapes as a new demand We manufacture cable conductors.
For square lines and deformed lines, by the extruder introduced in 2009, It is possible to process a wide variety of different conductors (for bus bars, etc.).

Flat copper wire

Conventionally, our rectangular copper wire was mainly used for transformers and motors.
In recent years, to meet new demand, we are manufacturing cable conductors that have been processed into irregular shapes such as fan-shaped conductors and interlock shapes.

List of drawing specifications