High-definition processing technology that g
ives new value to film

FCM has plating technology cultivated over many years. Based on this technology, we perform metallization and processing of various films to produce only one highly functional and high value-added FPC and FCCL.

Types of film

Free Design FCCL

By performing processing in Roll to Roll from the film original, there is no existing CCL lineup Original FPC can be manufactured.
In addition, the sputtering method for the conductor layer formation is used to ensure high reliability.
We are good at producing small quantities and many varieties, and we can support prototypes from one sheet.

Example of processing) ultra-thin FCCL, ultra-thin foil, FCCL with Via

Roll to Roll

It is possible to process with the Roll to Roll method from the prototype stage.
This ensures stable processing quality and smooth mass production transition.
Circuit formation, various plating, lasers, sputtering, desmear, etc. It corresponds to the processing with Roll to Roll from a small amount.

Fine processing

In addition to the usual etching method, we made use of the know-how unique to plating manufacturers. Realizes fine circuit formation by semi-additive method.
As a result, it is possible to correspond to the high-definition pattern of L/S=20/20 or less.
We also use laser machines to form small diameter via.
In combination with the method, we realize a small diameter via formation to a small diameter land, We manufacture highly reliable FCCL and FPC.

Processing example) Medical equipment, industrial equipment, R&D applications, automotive applications, etc.

Development method

By developing our own processes unique to plating manufacturers, It is possible to form high-definition Cu patterns on various substrates.
By not using the photographmethod, we have achieved a significant process reduction, It also contributes to cost reduction of various antennas and sensors.

Examples of processing) RFID tags, sensors, touch panels, etc.

List of processing specifications

At FCM, RtoR processes that take advantage of the strengths of plating manufacturers.
We provide reliable products such as processing to various films and metal thin films, and FCCL of our own specifications.