World-class technology with metal plating environment in consideration

FCM makes the most of its development, planning and technical capabilities, and contributes to society through high-quality, environmentally friendly manufacturing.
We will continue to challenge for higher functionality and high definition.

FCM's processed products are used in components such as smartphones, vehicles, medical devices, robots, and submarine cables,
and are continuing to evolve to meet a wide variety of product needs.

Types of plating

SnAgCu plating

Application example
SRC (Steering roll connector)
ECU (Engine control unit)
Bus bar

Au plating

Application example
Fine pitch FPC connector
B to B connector
Air bag connector

Hard Ag plating

Application example
Power window switch
Combination switch

Ni-P plating

Application example
Medical equipment (MRI/CT)
Mobile phone base station
Camera module

Ni plating

Application example
Bus bar
Relay terminal

Plating specifications list

FCM can handle various functional plating by continuous processing with hoops.