Message from the President

Photos of the president of FCM Co., Ltd.

We became a subsidiary of an investment fund in March 2019 and at the same time delisted our shares. This is not due to the good or bad of our performance.

We have a corporate culture that continues to take on challenges. Therefore, we took this big event as a step toward a bright future and further strengthened our desire to continue to challenge everything in the future. We also positively understand that the more difficult it is to challenge, the greater the growth. Our slogan, "only those who respond to change can survive," will be even stronger in our hearts.

Two years have passed since then, and the strength of each members has been steadily accumulated, so we have the physical strength to respond to sudden changes in the world. The wire drawing business that we have continued since our founding has great potential demand in the area of clean energy such as electric vehicles. As we become one of the players in solving the decarbonization challenges faced by countries around the world, we must continue to refine this business. We think these as huge business opportunities.

Also, in the metal plating business and the high-definition circuit formation business, we are in a good position to see a bright future by boldly challenging the world of rapid progress. Each business unit must further refine its cutting-edge technology to the top level in the industry. And we want to innovate in an era of rapid change, achieve long-term results, and achieve our member’s happiness.

March 2021