Message from the President

Photos of the president of FCM Co., Ltd.

In March 2019, we delisted from JASDAQ standard in order to achieve a long-term growth strategy and make a speedy change. This is another example of FCM's belief that "only those who respond to change can survive" is one of the principles. We need to be constantly changing in order to survive.

In the past five years, the wire drawing business, which is the founding business of our company, has seen a decline in the number of its peers, suppliers and sales partners. Even though there is a demand for them, they are forced to give up their business because of the cost, business succession, and uncertainty about the future. In other words, with cost competitiveness, inheritable human resources, and a strong message for the future, we can turn "survive" into "survive competition".

On the other hand, with regard to the business of metal plating and film, technological innovation is advancing even further in conventional “PCs”, “Smartphones”, and “Automobiles”, and this is an area where the true value of our company will be tested. In addition, we will also play an important role in the future of “AI”, ”Robotics”, ”Advanced medical business”, “5G”, etc. It is inevitable that this area will become the main force for our company, which is also involved in the metallic terminal to the film terminal.

By refining this technology to the top level and bringing about the innovation needed in these fast-changing era, so that we can achieve long-term results and the happiness of our employees.